52 Weeks Challenge

52 Weeks Challenge

52 Weeks Challenge

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TIPS FOR SAVING MONEY + 52 Week Money Challenge!

Fancy Dress - Watercolor Slowpaint - part 3 (52 Weeks Illustration Challenge - week01)

Mother - Watercolor Speedpaint (52 Weeks Illustration Challenge - week11)

This app is based on the well known challenge that aims at saving money. The idea is simple and suitable for those who are not able to plan and save. Certainly, this is a great way to save money through the year.

The challenge consists in saving a small amount of money per week. In the first week you save $1, on the next, $2, always adding the amount of the previous week. At the end of the challenge, after 52 weeks, which means a year, you will have $1,378 to help your Christmas shopping or with that vacation trip or whatever you`d want to do with your money.

Following this simple rule, you can save money in a fun way.

Do you think you can do that?

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